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Tax Resolution: What is it?

Tax resolution is a must-have service for any taxpayer looking to resolve their tax-related issues and reduce their tax burden. With the help of experienced tax professionals like us, you can rest easy knowing that your tax concerns are being handled by experts who understand the complexities of the tax code inside-out.

Don’t let problems with your tax returns from the IRS put you under unnecessary stress or financial strain. Our hand-picked team of experts can assist you in navigating these difficulties and ensuring compliance to help you avoid penalties and fines, whether you are dealing with an audit, underreported income, or hidden sources of income.

Ignoring IRS (Internal Revenue Service) problems will not solve them. In fact, it may only worsen the situation and lead to more severe penalties and fines. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action now and protect your finances and peace of mind. Let us be your trusted IRS audit attorney who can provide the best possible resolution for your specific situation.

So, never let tax issues weigh you down. Take advantage of our tax resolution services today and start enjoying the relief that comes with having experts handle your tax concerns!

Why should you choose Hopkins CPA Firm?

At Hopkins CPA Firm, we have a proven track record of success in resolving IRS tax issues. With over 120 years of former IRS experience, our handpicked team of CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and Former IRS Agents has successfully handled more than 10,000 cases. Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique situation, and we have a high success rate in settling IRS tax resolutions in our clients’ favor. 

We don’t leave any stone unturned and go through every single detail of your case to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Our years of experience, extensive knowledge of tax, and thorough investigation of each case ensure that we can effectively advocate for our clients and achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Our expert guidance and support will empower you to effectively tackle issues such as audit representation, minimizing back tax debt, filing past-due returns, filing transcript protests, achieving non-collectible debt status, or negotiating compromise agreements with the IRS. With us by your side, you can rest assured that we will fiercely fight and ultimately win your battle on your behalf.

Don’t let IRS tax issues control your life any longer. Let us help you put your IRS tax issues behind you and move forward with peace of mind. Contact us today to see the difference Hopkins CPA Firm can make.


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IRS Penalty Abatement

We can help you through the following IRS tax resolution services

At Hopkins CPA Firm, we can help you with the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC), IRS back taxes, IRS payment plan balance, passport revocation, installment agreements, IRS unified tax returns, and removing IRS penalties, interest, and abatement. We are committed to the success, satisfaction, and stress-free minds of our valuable clients 🙂

IRS Offer in Compromise

  • An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a program offered by the IRS that allows taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed. In short, it comes under “tax settlement services.” The purpose of OIC is to provide a way for taxpayers who are unable to pay their full tax liability to resolve their debt and move forward with their financial lives.
  • An OIC can provide relief for taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet and are unable to pay their full tax liability. To be considered for an OIC, a taxpayer must submit an application to the IRS. The application must include detailed financial information and a proposed payment plan.
  • The IRS will review the application and determine if the taxpayer is eligible for an OIC. If the IRS approves the OIC, the taxpayer must then make the agreed-upon payments and comply with the terms of the OIC.
  • It is important to note that OIC is not available to all taxpayers, and the process can take several months. Tax professionals can help taxpayers understand the OIC program and determine if they qualify for it.
  • Entrust us with your IRS concerns and let our team of tax attorneys work towards securing a beneficial outcome for you. We’ll thoroughly examine your unique situation and build an unshakable case to maximize your chances of being approved for an Offer in Compromise program.

IRS back taxes

  • Are you dealing with IRS back taxes? Such a situation can be confusing and overwhelming, but it’s important to understand and address it as soon as possible. In short, back taxes refer to taxes that were not paid by their due date, resulting in an unpaid debt to the IRS.
  • Ignoring this debt can lead to penalties, interest, and even legal action. That’s why it’s crucial to take action and address your back taxes as soon as possible.
  • This is where our tax professionals come in. We have the requisite knowledge, expertise, and experience to navigate the complex world of taxes and help you find the best solution for your specific situation. We can help you understand your feasible options, such as payment plans, offers in compromise, and even hardship status. Bottom line: this service is an IRS back tax relief.

IRS payment plan

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by a large IRS balance that you’re unsure how to pay off? Don’t worry, there’s a solution: an IRS payment plan. This plan allows you to pay your balance over time in manageable monthly payments, helping you avoid penalties and interest charges and also preventing the IRS from taking collection actions such as wage garnishments or liens.
  • But here’s the catch: navigating the process of an IRS payment plan can be challenging; this is where a tax professional comes in. Tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best payment plan option for your specific situation as well as guide you through the application process. They can also work with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate more favorable terms and ensure that your payments are applied correctly.

IRS passport revocation

  • Did you know that the IRS has the power to revoke your passport? The IRS has the authority to revoke or deny the issuance of a passport to any individual who has a “seriously delinquent tax debt.” i.e., if you owe the IRS more than $52,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest, your passport could be at potential risk.
  • The essence of this matter cannot be overstated. A revoked passport can severely limit your travel options, making it difficult or impossible to travel outside the country for work, vacation, or even emergency medical treatment. It can also negatively impact your personal and professional lives.
  • This is where our Hopkins CPA Firm comes in. We can help you navigate the complex process of resolving your tax debt and avoiding passport revocation. Our handpicked tax professionals have the expertise to negotiate with the IRS and work out a payment plan that is personalized to your specific situation.
  • Apart from that, we can also help you leverage tax relief programs that may be available to you. For example, the IRS Fresh Start program can help you reduce your tax liability and avoid passport revocation.

IRS unified tax returns 

  • IRS tax returns are a system that allows individuals to file a single tax return for all of their income, regardless of how many states they earn income in or reside in. This service simplifies the tax filing process and ensures that all income is reported and taxes are paid correctly.
  • Assisting you (taxpayers) with gathering the necessary information, identifying each state’s tax liability, and preparing and submitting your unified tax return are the areas in which our world-class tax professionals excel. We can also provide advice on potential tax savings or credits that may be available through this process.

Removal of IRS penalties and interests

  • IRS tax penalties and interests can be a significant burden for individuals and businesses who have failed to file their taxes on time, underreported their income, or made errors on their tax returns. However, with the help of tax professionals, such as certified public accountants (CPAs) and enrolled agents (EAs), these penalties and interests can be removed.
  • That’s where our seasoned experts can assist in identifying the reason for the penalties and interests and determining the best course of action to remove them, such as filing an amended return, submitting an abatement request, or entering into an installment agreement with the IRS.
  • Not only that, but our tax professionals can also help you (taxpayers) understand the consequences of not paying or resolving tax penalties and interests, such as wage garnishment, liens on property, and potential criminal charges. Besides, we can also provide guidance on how to prevent penalties and interest from accruing in the future by helping taxpayers stay compliant with tax laws and regulations.
  • In short, tax professionals can provide valuable assistance to taxpayers who are facing IRS tax penalties and interests, helping them to understand their options, navigate the process of resolving the issue, and ultimately lift the burden of IRS penalties and interests.

IRS hardship or Currently not collectible

  • IRS hardship – what is it? IRS hardship or “currently not collectible” status is a tax resolution option where the IRS temporarily suspends collection actions against taxpayers who are unable to pay their taxes due to financial hardship. 
  • At Hopkins CPA Firm, our handpicked tax professionals can assist taxpayers in determining if they qualify for this status and help them complete and submit the necessary forms to the IRS. 
  • We can firmly negotiate with the IRS on the taxpayer’s behalf and provide guidance and support throughout the process. It’s important to consider this option if paying taxes would create an undue financial burden on you or your family.

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