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PPP2 Loan Application and Forgiveness help…

This is a must read… Right now, in the accounting world, the hottest topic is the 2nd approval of PPP money.

I’m not sure if you have already applied for your 2nd loan or even the 1st loan, but if you haven’t, we are members of AICPA and authorized to submit applications for the PPP2 as well as the Forgiveness afterwards.

It is free of charge and we are having applicants approved within days and sometimes funded within a week. (provided the applicant works hand in hand quickly with us) If you or If you know of anyone that would be interested in applying for the PPP2, please go to pppcorpus.com and it will take them directly to our website to fill in some contact information.

Our Firm will instantaneously receive the contact info and make a phone call in regards to topic that takes approximately 15 minutes. Stats are showing at least 60% of business owners do not know they qualify for the 2nd loan because they received the 1st loan.

And even better, the 1st loan of PPP does not even have to be forgiven to qualify either. There is a lot of great information we can provide and if you’ve read this far… I sincerely appreciate your time. With utmost respect, Misty Hopkins


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